Obsidian is the networked note-making tool that I’m using for my private notes.

A Few Things I Like About Obsidian

  • based on local-first markdown pages
  • page-oriented editing style rather than outline-based
  • easy-to-use library of plug-ins
  • easy to tweak the css and understand the theming
  • ability to use both folders and links to organize
  • mobile apps
  • service for publishing a digital garden if I didn’t want to develop a custom website


Networked note-taking is the research-backed notion that ideas are born when they are recorded and allowed to freely interact in an interconnected environment.

Obsidian refers to themselves as a note-taking platform with “links as a first-class citizen”.

A Beginner’s Guide to Obsidian | Work Life Win Repeat

“Obsidian is the IDE for thought.”

Exploring the power of note-making with the co-founder of Obsidian