A few things that I’m doing at the moment


Online Course Design: I’m currently busy helping four Boston College professors develop online courses, due to launch in the Fall and Spring this year.

Front-End UI: I manage front-end development and theme design for online programs using Design Tools in Canvas.

Formative Education: I’m thinking a lot about formative education – educating the whole person for meaning and purpose – in my work at Boston College. Specifically, I’m trying to help the group I’m in – the Center for Digital Innovation in Learning – define what “digital formation” might mean at BC.

I’m working with Professor Belle Liang on a couple of projects that have a formative education approach:

  • We worked to together to develop her course new online course called “Preparing the Whole Person for Global Citizenship, which she is teaching first time this summer.
  • We’re also collaborating on the second version of TrueNorth, an app designed to help young people foster a sense of purpose and make better decisions.


I’m kind of obsessed with Roam Research for personal knowledge management. It’s making me think in entirely new ways about how I think – now I take notes, how I develop ideas, how I write.

Photography: Since Covid, I’ve been taking photos on my daily walks in Franklin Park in Boston, about a block from where I live.