The Mindful Teacher

  • Description: A web app designed to support teachers interested in integrating mindfulness practices in their teaching.
  • My role: Project manager and UX designer working with Boston College professor Dennis Shirley

Beyond Ricci: Rare Books from the Jesuitana Collection at Boston College

  • Description: A grant-funded project at Boston College makes rare books about China available to the public for the first time.
  • My role: Project manager and content strategist working with history professor Jeremy Clarke.

Forgotten Chapters of Boston’s Literary History

  • Description: A Boston College project to design a website for a Boston Public Library exhibit.
  • My role: project management, UX design, content strategy with English professor Paul Lewis

Boston Public Schools, Department of Social Sciences

  • Description: A department website to improve communications and provide professional development and classroom resources for teachers.
  • My role: graphic design and Drupal development.

Non-Profit and Community

What We Talk about When We Talk About Cancer

  • Description: A blog for sharing experiences of cancer treatment at the Mass General Hospital Cancer Center
  • My role: content strategy, UX design, WordPress site development, responsive theme development implementing graphic design by White Rhino.

The Accessible Icon Project

  • Description: A new non-profit project aiming to replace the existing handicapped icon with a better one.
  • My role: Developed first website for the project and then with designer Tim Ferguson Sauder to update the site with new graphics.

The New England Conference for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL)

  • Description: A website design for a non-profit who runs a large annual conference for educators.
  • My role: redesign site and redevelop in Drupal Gardens.


  • Description: An easy-to-understand system of visual game cards and field guides to teach students ecological literacy and understanding.
  • My role: Worked with designer Tim Ferguson Sauder to develop a website for the project.

High Tide 2050

  • Description: A website for a public art project to bring local attention to the global impact of sea level rise.
  • My role: Collaborated with artist Bradford Johnson to design and develop a mobile-friendly for his public art installation.

Neighborhood Association Site: Stonybrook Neighborhood Association

  • Description: A neighborhood organization web site and discussion forum
  • My role: as a member of the SNA steering committee, I manage the organization’s web presence and online communications, managing a Big Tent (2000-2012) and creating the first website for the organization, implementing a log design created by another steering committee member.

Bob Massie for U.S. Senate

  • During Bob Massie’s campaign for US Senate, I worked as a website consultant and interim manager. In early days of the campaign, I was the point person for updating the site on a day-to-day basis and was involved with a team of volunteers coordinating website development and social media strategy.
  • Previously, I created and managed a site to help Bob find a live liver donor and inform friends and family about his transplant process.

St. James’s Episcopal Church, Cambridge, MA

I managed the web presence of St. James’s for over 8 years and I provide ongoing consulting for church leadership around online communications

  • I created a website in Drupal and then migrated the site to as the church’s needs changed
  • I created a visual design for the site that reinforced the existing graphic identity of the church
  • I provide training and support for church staff and volunteers who manage the site content
  • I recently created a distinct section of the site to provide information about an upcoming capital campaign