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  • How to Help a Chatbot Find It’s Purpose

    How to Help a Chatbot Find It’s Purpose

    I’m grateful to Harvard Business Publishing Education for the chance to share some of our experiences building custom chatbots with Boston College faculty this spring. In an AI world, it can feel like anything we write risks becoming outdated before the ink is dry. In the midst of careening from one “game-changing AI announcement” to…

  • Learning to Halfbike

    Learning to Halfbike

    The Halfbike is my latest experiment with human-powered transportation and I’ve been enjoying a new way of getting around since I got it in August 2023. I put together some notes on my learning process in case anyone is interested.

  • OLC Presentation on DesignPlus

    OLC Presentation on DesignPlus

    It was great to have the chance to present with John FitzGibbon and Kenneth Larsen from Cidi Labs at the Online Learning Consortium’s annual OLC Innovate conference in Denver, CO last week. We told the story of how we’ve been using DesignPlus to build scalable and custom-themed templates for Canvas courses across the university since…

  • AJCU Conference Presentation on AI

    AJCU Conference Presentation on AI

    I enjoyed sharing with colleagues from other Jesuit colleges and universities this past week as we presented about some of our experiments with chatbots and the Generative AI working group we’ve been facilitating this year. With John Fitzgibbon and others, “AI in teaching and learning: Strategies for Effective Use and Adoption“, Association for Jesuit Colleges and…

  • Learning with Course Chatbots

    Learning with Course Chatbots

    A blog post on the course chatbots I’ve been spinning up for a pilot this spring.