Digital Gardens

A digital garden is public collection of networked notes meant to be cultivated over time and take shape organically as one’s thinking evolves.

It seems it’s often used to distinguish private digital notes from a public version, but it’s not always used consistently this way.

I like the way Erica Xu, co-founder of Obsidian, summarizes the benefits of digital gardening:

I think digital gardening is a great way to produce content on your way to learn. In contrast with traditional blogging, it’s less scary and has less friction. it doesn’t get outdated easily like a blog does, and you can make incremental changes instead of churning out blog posts every week.

From Exploring the power of note-making with the co-founder of Obsidian

Here are some places to get acquainted with the topic:

Andy Matuschak’s version is pretty famous now for its particular horizontal panes format and for his definition of evergreen notes.